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Brian Feldman

Reporter & Researcher

Brian S. Feldman is a researcher-reporter with the Open Markets Institute. He previously worked for an education technology company in Cleveland, Ohio through Venture for America, an entrepreneurship fellowship centered on regional economies. 

His writing has appeared on BBC Future, Matter, and He graduated from Washington University St. Louis where he received a dual degree in classics and philosophy-neuroscience-psychology. 

Latest Work


How to Really Save Jobs in the Heartland

Date Published: December 15, 2016

President-elect Trump’s recent deal to keep factory workers employed at Indiana-based Carrier Corporation has been a public relations blitz. But while pundits are debating whether the terms are a repackaged form of “corporate welfare,” or perhaps a model of strident economic nationalism, they’re once again missing the larger issue: the role that corporate consolidation is playing […]

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The Challenges of Industrial Clustering

Date Published: October 22, 2015

A generation ago, the banks of Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River thrummed with the big machinery of steel foundries, paint factories, and oil refineries. Indeed, there were so many different industrial complexes in the city that when the river infamously caught fire in 1969, when sparks from a passing freight train ignited an oil slick, investigators were […]

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